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Leon Benjamin is the Senior Pastor and Bishop of New Life Harvest Church in Richmond, VA. Bishop Benjamin, a former Democrat and Gulf War veteran, is an emerging evangelical leader on the national front as a media spokesperson and conservative political activist. He operated as a surrogate for Trump on the presidential campaign trail and worked on the Faith-Based Initiative support team during the President-Elect’s transition to the White House. Throughout the first year of Trump's presidency, Bishop Benjamin has played a vital role in a group of about 20 to 30 evangelical leaders who regularly serve as informal advisers to the Trump administration. As a community activist, Bishop Benjamin has worked with public officials, civic and community leaders to make a difference in the areas of education, business development, and economic reform. Bishop Benjamin is the president and founder of Coalition of Leaders United (CLU) dedicated to advancing conservative values and restoration of moral clarity in America. As a change agent for healing and reconciliation in our nation, the core of Dr. Benjamin’s message is ““It’s time to unify, America!” Bishop Benjamin has been a strong advocate in engaging with African-American churches to support President Trump’s vision to restore economic prosperity, educational opportunity and safer communities with less crime in urban inner cities. He is also the founder of United2Pray, a national movement to intercede weekly on a conference call with evangelical pastors and the faith community to pray for the president and future of our nation. Bishop Benjamin has appeared on Fox News and numerous national TV and radio talk shows and is a sought-after speaker on the moral, economic, and spiritual impact of socioeconomic issues and political discourse on the black community and the nation. A native of Richmond, VA, he graduated from Huguenot High School and attended University of Virginia and Virginia Union University for engineering. Bishop Leon Benjamin received his Bachelors in Biblical Studies and Masters in Christian Education at Rovear University. He is married to his soul mate and partner in ministry, Pastor Maria Benjamin, and through their union they have three beautiful children – Delcarmen and Leon Jr., and Destiny Benjamin.

Will Virginia Be Counted?

Breaking- Is there a real Humanitarian and National Security Crisis? President Trump has declared a National Emergency and rightfully so. Will the American Citizens continue to turn a deaf ear to the Crisis at our Southern Border? Has Virginia been duped by our Governor & Attorney General with Black Face and radical supporting of late […]

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Celebrate President’s Day

We give honor to all Presidents past and are thankful to their service to our country. We are living in the best days of our nation and what can we do to continue to see its greatness. Our current President Donald J. Trump has pledged to “Make America Great Again”. He has kept his campaign […]

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