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Coalition of Leaders United is excited about working with you!

Thank you for landing on our Coalition of Leaders United (CLU) website!  We are excited to have you come to our page and see the possibilities of working to make our nation great.  Please make sure you leave a comment on our site as we build a long and lasting partnership to ensure moral values are spread throughout our nation and our world.  Email us at with any questions about or organization.

God bless you!

Leon Benjamin, President

Leon Benjamin, CLU President

1 thought on “Coalition of Leaders United is excited about working with you!

  1. I heard Bishop Benjamin on the radio on John Reeds morning show. I was impressed with what he is trying to do for people in and out of prison. I have a friend in min security priso in Kentucky. Would like more info about this program but don’t see it on the website. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks
    Joe potter

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