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Watching vs Doing

We are always looking for better examples but they never run for office of any kind. They sit on the sidelines and become professional commentators in their own eyes and let others take a stab at it. Then when Someone like a Donald Trump runs for a particular office and wins, you judge him. Remember you used to like him when you thought he was like you. Now his policies speak for itself. Lowest unemployment in history for African Americans and Hispanics, More jobs have come out from this Administration than in any previous administration and we are now officially Energy Independent and much more I could list here. To be Frank, it does not matter what this President does because there is such hatred against him. I wonder if any of you could take what he and his family has had to go through for helping to get this Nation back on track. He doesn’t even take a paycheck! He donates it every quarter 🤔.

Anyhow, I would like to meet some of you and find out what changes and actions you are doing to improve your life and Community and how “We” can work together to see Transformation in this Nation take place. If you’re in agreement email me at Have a Blessed and Fruitful Day.

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